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On the seashore, a man riding a camel gazes in amazement at the sun rising over the horizon.

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Many of these terms were un-intellible without a thorough translation. Orion, on the same meridian with the stars of aquarius horoscope jan , died of the sting of the celestial scorpion, that rises when he sets; As dies the bull of mithras in autumn: and in the stars that correspond with the autumnal equinox we find those malevolent genii that ever war against the principle of good, and that take from the sun and the heavens the fruit-producing power that they communicate to the earth.

I am so tired of seeing everywhere. Take care of your family and nurture your children. Aquarius horoscope jan , off-again attraction. The next day, baby and i set out in a heavy snow. Your workload does not decrease but much of it is routine. Between its earthy sensuality and world class research skills, this pairing makes for one hell of a sexy librarian.

Vedic Sun Signs

The chart also indicates that your gall bladder and liver have an excess of energy. This kind of verification is not done by any conventional numerologist. The destiny number can illustrate what you are truly capable of and will help you to reach to your highest potential. Signs and houses houses 1, 5, 9 , artha, which indicates livelihood and security needs, and. The theory is that when it was developed by the Babylonians in BCE they missed out on a crucial bit of information which became apparent to mankind only later with further advances in science.

But the signs were never recalibrated. So, what's your real, real sun sign?

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And does it change who you are? There are some who can't be bothered to find out. It doesn't matter to them where the sun, moon and the planets were when they were born because, in any case, these heavenly bodies are thousands of kilometres away, too far to affect them on earth.

But for those who hold the tiny dots of light in the sky responsible for everything - from not finding a suitable NRI groom to premature greying of hair - a possible answer to this question would lie in understanding how the signs have changed over a couple of thousand years. Western astrology believes in 12 constellations of 30 degrees each which make up degrees of the zodiac or the apparent path of the sun across the sky as observed from the earth.

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While it was first developed by the Babylonians, it was the Greeks who improvised on it and laid the foundation of modern western astrology. According to the system, the sun is hosted by each of these 12 star clusters between certain days of the year. For instance, it shines bright amongst the nine stars that make up constellation Virgo from August 23 to September If you are born between these dates your sun sign is Virgo and you supposedly have a set of characteristics typical to your sign - love for perfection,in this case, is one of the most celebrated and bragged about. But here's the twist in the tale.

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The ancient Babylonians were smart enough to map the twinkling constellations and the movement of the sun in and out of them, but they were yet to figure out the concept of 'precession'. To put it simply, it refers to the change in the direction of the earth's rotational axis in relation to fixed stars.

This change occurs because the earth not just rotates on its axis but also wobbles - like a spinning top. This is because of the tilt in the earth's rotational axis resulting from unequal gravitational forces exerted on it by the sun and the moon. In addition to rotation,the earth's axis also exhibits an extremely slow gyroscopic motion. If observed from the top of the North Pole, precession makes the tip of the earth's rotational axis trace a circle. And it takes 26, years to complete one such circle.

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The importance of precession in astrology stems from the fact that the angle of the tilt of earth's axis on the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere is taken as the 'zero point', or the starting of the zodiac. Which means that from 0 degree to 30 degrees is Aries, followed by Taurus between 30 to 60 degrees, and so on.

Now, since this reference point has moved over the years due to precession , the subsequent position of the rest of the zodiac has too. Therefore, it is important to factor in the precession of the earth's axis to know your 'correct' sun sign. However, western astrologers have refrained from doing so and continue to refer to the zodiac based on the placement of stars millions of years ago.

If precession is taken into account,it throws the zodiac completely out of whack.


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Take this for a reality check: the sun sign of people born between June 22 and July 20 is not Cancer but Gemini. See The Real Sun Signs As if this was not enough to shake your belief, science deals another blow to the zodiac system in the shape of Ophiucus, or the serpent bearer -- the 13th constellation. It seems that this group of stars escaped the probing eyes of the Babylonians as they divided the sky into 12 compartments. It, therefore, does not find a mention in western astrology. If you were born between November 30 and December 17, your sun sign is Ophiucus and not Saggitarius.

If indeed stars speak then they have been telling lies.